Our Eye and Laser Centre

The John Hill Eye Laser Centre is located in the southern Cape Town suburb of Claremont, about 10km from Cape Town’s central business district, and about 15min from Cape Town International Airport.

Claremont Eye Laser Centre

You are most welcome to contact or visit our centre which is staffed during normal working hours. We will be happy to send you a brochure about Excimer Laser treatment and educational videos are available.

A trained member of staff is available to answer your queries, so please feel free to phone (+27 21 6830369) or email ( johnhill@iafrica.com ). We also offer a free screening test to see if you are likely to be suitable for Excimer Laser treatment.

If you wish to proceed with Excimer Laser treatment you will need to visit us for a comprehensive examination by Dr John Hill. For your convenience we can schedule the screening, examination and treatment on the same day.

In this website we discuss refractive visual problems that can occur and how they can be corrected by the Excimer Laser or other procedures. We feel strongly that patients should be fully informed so they understand the procedure and can make an informed decision on whether they wish to undergo treatment.

Most patients are understandably anxious about having Laser treatment, but we can reassure you about the efficacy and safety of this exciting new method of permanently correcting your vision. We know how very important eyesight is, and we are flattered that you are considering entrusting us with your treatment.