The Dr John Hill Eye & Laser Centre, in Cape Town, South Africa, specialises in laser refractive surgery (Lasik) to treat short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia), distorted vision (astigmatism), and intraocular implants to treat clouded vision (cataracts) and extreme refractive errors.

Our eyesight is the sense that many of us are most reliant upon, and having good vision can be one of our life’s greatest assets.

At the John Hill Eye & Laser Centre, we ensure that your eyesight is optimised to the greatest possible extent. We operate in a dedicated eye theatre and laser room, and by using the most technologically-advanced eye laser equipment available.

With this sophisticated equipment, Dr John Hill ensures that you receive world class eye laser surgery. Dr John Hill has been performing refractive surgery since 1984, and was one of the first to use the Excimer Laser in South Africa when it was introduced in 1993. He has performed over 60,000 refractive procedures, which includes over 45,000 Lasik cases.

The Dr John Hill Eye & Laser Centre is situated in Claremont, Cape Town. The Centre offers a free comprehensive assessment to see whether eye laser surgery is the right solution for you.

Please visit our Centre’s about page to find out more about the services that the Centre offers find out more about Dr John Hill’s career and accomplishments.

If you would like to book your assessment, or if you have a query that’s not mentioned in our frequently asked questions, then please contact us via:

Telephone:   +27 (0)21 6830369
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